The Art of Hello®

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Debunking the Old-Fashioned Elevator Speech

The world is a competitive space, and staying relevant and valued takes mastering The Art of Hello. You deserved to be known for your achievements and understood for the value you bring. But in the cacophony of our current age, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. That is, until now. In her new book, The Art of Hello®, Be Remembered in a Noisy World, the first in a series, Paula Calise reveals a three-step process for creating a personal brand, people will hear and remember—even over the din of these noisy times.

Modernizing Your Old-Fashioned Elevator Pitch

The The Art of Hello® brings “personal branding” to a whole new level. Once your branded introduction is perfected, it becomes a durable asset, helpful in emerging professionals, senior leaders, business owners, people in the job market, and those seeking board positions. Think of The Art of Hello® as the 21st-century version of the old-fashioned elevator speech, polished for a professional to shine and leave a memorable impact.

The Art of Hello is a modest six to ten words. It is:

  • A one-of-a-kind asset in your professional arsenal
  • A way to introduce yourself in a memorable way
  • A tool that differentiates you from others
  • A lead source, because others can remember you and refer opportunities to you
  • An agent of your advocacy circle
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The Positive Effect of a Simple Process

Consistently using The Art of Hello introduction helps your network remember you exactly as you want to be remembered.

The process is so simple that you can start using your new introduction right away. You’ll be amazed how quickly The Art of Hello® will help you rise above the crowd and become memorable.

  • Paula Calise has led thousands of professionals through The Art of Hello® method, and these professionals have found the positive effect on their careers to be immediate. By applying the rules and easy steps of The Art of Hello® found in these pages, you can create an introduction of your own and put it to use, growing your brand reputation, straight away.

The Art of Hello of the Month 2023 – 2024

Examples from Paula’s workshops

Hello of the Month: "Hello, my name is Don, I am a champion of creating value through HR innovation."

May 2024

Hello of the month: "Hello, my name is Benton. I help companies keep more of the money they earn. "

Mar 2024

Hello of the Month: "Hello my name is Daren. I provide real-time nationwide aerial discovery."

Apr 2024

What People Are Saying About The Art of Hello®

Paula Calise gave a wonderful, meaningful, and practical virtual presentation to the Cleveland Chapter of FENG. She shared her insight, answered our many questions, and gave each attendee a solid game plan to develop our own personal brand. Looking forward to seeing her book, The Art of Hello, when it is published.

~Lamar Ratcliff, FENG Cleveland

Thank you for one of the most enjoyable and informative presentations I have seen (during today's Plano Focus Group/Career DFW). I don't know what was more impressive - your knowledge, your wit, or your infectious energy.

~Tony Virili, Alliance Wealth Management

Paula recently gave a webinar for The DEC Network on her topic the “Art of Hello” during COVID-19 and it could not have been more helpful to the small business owners and entrepreneurs we serve. During this webinar, she kept the audience engaged and interested. Attendees left comments saying the webinar was extremely valuable. Overall, the webinar was easy to follow and gave actionable insights that attendees could walk away with to improve their own Art of Hello.

~Delanie Majors, Manager of Events and Programs at The DEC Network

Paula was invited to DFW*ATW again! As expected, Paula delivered an engaging and inspiring “The Art of Hello” online session to our Women Who Leap group. Through stories and a practical framework, she challenged everyone to define their value and create a memorable capstone to introduce themself. Paula reminded us that we had a choice, “Create your brand or others will do it for you!” This session was perfect for women seeking new frontiers. I highly recommend Paula to any group of individuals wanting to know how to create their own brand promise.

~Kayla Patel, Program Manager DFW Alliance of Technology and Women

Paula spoke to The Association of Fundraising Professionals and had everyone's attention! Her session was informative, inspiring, and most of all practical! Paula delivered a message with which we're familiar by telling stories, examples, and real-life benefits to her presentation, The Art of Hello™! I highly recommend Paula for your group luncheon, but beware, you'll wish you had two hours!

~Jan Murfield, President Junior Achievement of Dallas

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse and recommend the author of the “Art of Hello” concept– Paula Calise. Paula recently presented to our ministry, Career Jump-Start, providing our members with a strategy for creating and controlling their Brand Statement. Her expertise and her wiliness to share this concept with our community are appreciated beyond words. I have the highest regard for Paula Calise as an expert in her industry and as a speaker!

~Katherine Bradford, Career Jump Start

Paula recently gave her presentation, The Art of Hello, at a professional women’s group that I chair. Her presentation style is engaging and interactive, and her advice on introducing yourself in a way that is memorable is unique. She uses several examples to show different ways to tailor her formula to your specific situation. She also provides handouts that can be used to guide you through the development of your own introduction. Our group asked a lot of questions and felt like they really benefitted from the evening. It’s rare to have a speaker who provides such specific and actionable advice, along with the tools to follow through. This was perfect for our group, and we hope to have Paula back again.

~Dana Shepperd, SVP, Initiatives Portfolio Manager at Bank of America