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The Art of Hello

Be Remembered in a Noisy World

The elevator speech and the 30-second drill make you forgettable.
The Art of Hello will teach you a better way to be remembered.

Paula Calise presenting Photo June 2019 Calis

Personal Branding Be Remembered

Retire your elevator speech and its friend the 30-second drill. There is a better way.

The The Art of Hello® is a guide to help individuals with professional branding that leaves an unforgettable and positive impression.

The Art of Hello is your professional brand promise.

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Replace the Old Fashioned Elevator Speech with
The Art of Hello

As professionals, we all deserved to be known for our achievements and understood for our value proposition.

Often called personal branding, the core is introducing yourself to people in a way that the listener understands who you are as a professional and can remember you. Once scripted and perfected, your branded introduction is a durable asset. It is helpful for senior leaders, business owners, those seeking positions on boards, young professionals, and job seekers.

Your resume, bio and LinkedIn profile are descriptions of your professional life. Your Art of Hello introduction is the headline. Your assets arsenal is not complete without it.

A well-conceived professional brand introduction is the old-fashioned elevator pitch, polished to a professional level with a memorable impact. It differentiates you from others. By having a clear and meaningful brand statement, you close down the opportunity for people to (mis)interpret your brand.

Hello from Paula

Why can I help you define your professional brand? Who am I to suggest that I can help you?

In my job as an executive recruiter, I meet 100s of people every month and I hear some good, but mostly poor, self-introductions. Over the years, many of thousands of people have introduced themselves to me in ways that are inarticulate, sloppy, and are forgettable. It’s too bad. Bad for me, as I am trying to get to know them, and too bad for them, because I’m a professional connector, and I might be of some help.

Over time I began to catalog the really bad and the few brilliant self-introductions I heard and began to research what tools were available to help people make great first professional impressions. What I found was the old fashion Elevator Speech and its first cousin, the 30 Second Drill. These are clunky, long, and boring.

Today, I help professionals in all industries, professions, and stages of their careers to introduce themselves in such a way that they will be remembered and differentiated from others with similar careers. It’s called The Art of Hello. Invite me to speak (it's crazy inexpensive to do so) or click on the link and buy the book.

Joint the thousands that like what they learned, and put it to work enhancing their own careers, that very day.

“Crafting a memorable The Art of Hello introduction, your easy to remember professional brand, may be one of the best investments you ever make in your career. And it is free, but for a few minutes of your time. I have seen thousands of people benefit from this 3-step simple method to create a memorable and impactful professional brand statement of their own.

We all deserve to be known for our achievements and to be understood for the professional value we bring.”

What People Are Saying About The Art of Hello

Remembered or forgotten are the watch words for Paula Calise’s new book The Art ofHello®. This book will guide you through the creation of your brand and brand promise in a clear, concise, and memorable format, eliminating the clutter of the age-old elevator pitch. A brand that will set you apart, initiating a powerful action of advocacy on the part of the recipient… a professional introduction… that is your brand.

~Bill Wallace, Founder & CEO, Success North Dallas, LLC

I had the privilege of learning from Paula at one of her The Art of Hello® workshops and the experience was transformational because it allowed participants the opportunity to craft an introduction that was personal, interesting, and memorable. Our introductions are information for the listener, not us, and many times we overshare information that is neither interesting nor memorable. This book takes Paula’s expertise to the next level in allowing you to learn from her years of experience and work with other professionals to create an unforgettable introduction that accurately represents you. If you are looking to position yourself as memorable and create your own branded introduction, this book is for you.

~Sandra Mohr, Dean of Academic Resources and Accreditation, New England College of Optometry

The Art of Hello® is about so much more than just helping people learn how to quickly differentiate themselves from others. It is an exercise in encouraging a person to really think of his/her uniqueness, then craft a simple way of saying or writing it that makes a lasting impact on the receiver.

~Dennis McCuistion, Host, McCuistion television program on PBS

What I love about The Art of Hello® is that it can be crafted to address what you do, who you are, and what you aspire to be. Your introduction doesn’t have to limit your possibilities. It is concise enough so that it is memorable and impactful and leaves the other person with a lasting impression. This book shares practical advice that is easy to adopt for every occasion. Every chance I get, I share about Paula and her talent for helping people succinctly craft their memorable (and repeatable) introduction.

~Nichole - Ake, SVP BBVA/PNC

I just saw your presentation on The Art of Hello and found it insightful and outstanding! It provides a great framework for anyone interested in managing professional relationships and driving one’s career to the next level. Thank you for sharing your insights!

~Doug Kerr, CFA FENG Dallas

Paula: Fantastic and extremely impactful presentation with the NYC FENG this evening. As a "different" Financial Leader, I have always struggled to capture the art of what I do. Your presentation gave me lots to think through and in very short order; create a game changing Art of Hello.

~Thomas Nehila, MBA, CMA, FENG New York

Paula gave a very compelling virtual presentation to our group this morning on “The Art of Hello” and personal branding. Using powerful examples, she showed how to cut through the clutter and focus on introducing ourselves in a memorable way in only 7 – 10 words, and gave the group the tools to do so. I would definitely recommend attending one of Paula’s talks to anyone looking to build their network.

~McKee Stewart, President, Beachwood Job Seekers Group

We can’t thank you enough for being part of our program last night! We have had so many texts, emails and messages from attendees saying how much they enjoyed your presentation. Many said they are going to get busy to work on their Art of Hello! My boss was in attendance last night and she sent a text during the event saying she can’t wait to get your book! We have lots of industry posting about last night and looking to share the video.

~Laura Dorris, Optical Women’s Association, Keynote Address Elevate Annual Conference

While I missed the beginning of her talk, I love this approach as an alternative to traditional elevator pitches! Paula Calise delivered an energetic, concise, powerful message today with a fresh perspective on a simple, relevant 7-10 word message followed by bullet points to wow your audience. She cited several examples and showed the mechanics of how to create one in her 'Art of Hello' workshop! She was terrific!

~Andrew Braun